Anna C(706)

Anyone have any reviews on this?

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Claire S(2288)

Hi, I have been looking at the urbo2 as well and think we’ve pretty much decided to go with it so looking forward to reading any responses you get to this!x

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Stephanie C(414)

Glad I came across this as I’ve bought sola2 and having problems after 2 days!! So I was looking at urbo 2 in casey replacement is just as bad, however there’s a 100 pound price difference! (Possibly why a mamas and papas colleague suggested it, I don’t kno)

The thing is I actually love my sola2 and have bought matching cold weather footmuff, buy the chassis is creaking so loudly it’s untrue!!! And the front left wheel doesn’t touch the floor properly.

my local mamas and papas have been really good, I’ve just got to wait 2 weeks for new one! I’d love to know if anyone has gon with the sola2 and how yours is. Ideally I’d love to hear that mine is a dud one and a one off lol.

Thanks x


Beth M(182)

Hi everyone,

I just bought one yesterday in camel n now worried it will show up every mark going with being light in colour.

Has anyone used one yet?

:) x

married best friend july 2013 and 1st bambino due aug 2014!