I bought this Mothercare shampoo from an online shopping portal about seven months ago. It hasn’t disappointed me yet.


When I was buying it, it seemed a tad bit expensive. But I wanted the best for my baby.

We have been using this shampoo for all this time without a problem. What I love best about it is:

  • It is mild, and very very gentle. I love the way my baby’s hair feels soft after shampooing.
  • No tears at all. It doesn’t sting.
  • You don’t need a whole dollop of shampoo. Just a pea-sized amount creates a rich lather.
  • Easy to wash off. Doesn’t leave residues.
  • Mild fragrance.

I use it sometimes for my older daughter too because I love the smell, and it makes me feel like my older daughter is a baby again.

The market price for this product is Rs. 249/-

My rating: 4/5