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Stroller broken and no assistance

Because the purchase was made 26 months earlier, I was told there was nothing that could be done to repair it. Basically, the clip maintaining the wheel in position had broken. There solution was to buy a brand new stroller. We supposedly thought mamas and papas was good quality, but a small piece, probably worth 10$ is now rendering my stroller unusable. Stay away from this company.

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Practical pram for city life

We own Urbo with limited edition cover. Urbo is a practical city living pram that we have used since the baby was born (utilising the baby bassinet). Urbo is easy to fold, unfold and easy to store in the car with limited boot space. Urbo is very underrated pram in Australia, while it’s a popular pram in Europe. Mamas and Papas pram is slightly overpriced in Australia as compare to other places in the world.

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Wonderful for city life

Full boday is sturdy look and is is light weight compared to the bid models in the market. It is good for people who likes go to path in the park and shopping mall…whereever has good path..this is really good to use.
Especially light and sturdy..Hard to find pram which has these 2 factors together.

However, If you like to go to park on the grass or beach….it is hard for this pram cuz of thin wheels …and it slowly will worn out.
so all about lifestyle. For me after I have birth, My wrist problem so had to look into light ones and especially folding at once not to remove parts when I put in the car myself without husband help. but not too cheap quality.
Then found this and I and My baby is happy to using currently.

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Quality built, lightweight, easy to manouvre & stylish! Super happy

This pram is fantastic. After being disappointed by a bulky, plastic, yet more expensive Swedish pram it is a breath of fresh air. 2 years and still going strong. Easy to manoeuvre, light weight, ample basket storage and excellent shade from weather conditions. Plus it’s very good looking, fits nicely in the car boot wuth space to spare. glad we found our perfect pram

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Wheels lock all the time!

When I first bought this stroller I loved it- light weight, comfortable for my son but then about 8 months into using it- the wheels starting locking. They now lock every 10 minutes and we have to flip the stroller up to manually unlock.

I also called Mamas and Papas many times and emailed them with zero response.

So disappointing! Would highly not recommend this product.

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This is an excellent, sturdy & light-weight pram!!!

I picked this Urbo up as a rarely used second hand & I instantly fell in love! I was SO tired of lifting a heavy pram in and out of the boot and even more tired trying not to bump into people in narrow shopping isles! So when I tried this pram out for the first time, it was super easy to maneuver!!! While this stroller has a narrow frame, it still offers a comfortable, wide seat to fit a child until age 3. I have received countless compliments on how trendy it looks and I have got to agree, there is something quite different about this pram.. …Read more

it’s not too out there nor is it too bland!
Another Feature I really love about this pram is how you can adjust the toddler seat to be completely flat.. turning it into a bassinet for an infant or a comfy bed or a toddler to sleep comfortably in. ūüôā

Ok.. now the thing I HATE about this pram and I truly wish Mamas & Papas would change it in future designs, is the shopping basket. It is way too small.. Only fits a couple of small bags and a blanket if I’m lucky!

I would have given this stroller 5 stars if it weren’t for the minature basket. But I have tried to work around this issue by buying shopping hooks that I attach to the handle.. but beware, they do wear the leather out.

A 2 year owner of this pram and still going!

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Best pram – hubby and I we both love it

We bought this pram for our second baby and loved the URBO from the beginning. Easy to manoeuvre with only one hand. It’s forward facing or parent facing. Easy to lift as its light around 8-9kg. Also easy to fold and it really does not take up much room so great for small/medium cars. It also looks very cool and stylish and people often comment on the cool chrome frame and wheels. Only negative is that is it hard to find extras for this pram in Sydney. Had to order the winter cocoon from England. We have been now using the URBO for over 2 years…Read more

and are still very happy with it. I would like to add that we also had the matching baby bassinet and it was great as it doubled up as a travel cot/moses basket for a newborn. Highly recommend it! Really great pram.

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Absolutely love it

Honestly the best pram/stroller I have owned I have had 3 kiddies, so easy to fold, lift, maneuver.
Seat can face both directions, great protection from sun. If I had to say anything negative it would be that I wish it accomodated a second seat instead of being a single pram, but other than that I would buy again and again

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I would not recommend buying this stroller – Urbo 2

We were after a stroller that was simple to use and light and the Urbo 2 was that. We have been very happy with it until recently. We have had our Urbo for almost 18 months now when the front wheel locking mechanism broke. The wheels suddenly lock and I have to keep unlocking them. This can happen several times on a walk which can be very frustrating. A quick google search reveals that this is a common problem with the ubo 2. We have taken apart the wheels and cleaned them but it hasn’t made a difference.
According to the girl on the Mamas and Papas phone line their warranty in Australia is only 12 months. In the US it is 2 years. I did love this stroller but I expected more than 18 months of use considering how much I spent on it.

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This could win an award – for the worst pram ever.

Heavy enough to use at gym instead of on the streets. The wheels are a nightmare and lock before you’ve turned a corner. Needs two hands for every operation – the designers seemed to forget that the person generally using it has a baby in one arm and a bag to deal with too. The side locks are so hard to use that they are nail-breaking stuff. The pram has limited positions for the baby – i.e. lie down or sit up and not much in between. The basket is so small that it can only take one small baby bag – and even then accessibility to the bag is impossible. There are no other hooks or places to hang another bag. There is no place to put a bottle. And so it goes on. If you are thinking of buying a pram for your baby, this is not it!

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Love and hate

Love the Urbo. The second I saw it I knew it was our pram for bubba. Stylish, chrome body. Small and Easy to manoeuvre through shops. I’ve done the new Sephora store while it was packed, retracted the handle and made my way through. Lightweight, easy to lift up and down stairs. Easy to clean. Easy to fold, still need two hands to fold and lift. Easy to store, stand up feature lets me have it in our walk way near the front door without taking up so much space.

But. I Had to remove a star because there a few things this pram could improve on …Read more

but For the price tag it’s a great pram.
I hate the brake, i Oiled mine thinking it would loosen up, it did a little bit. Don’t try use it with sandals on, hurts the top of my foot. I use my hand instead. A hand brake on the handle would be awesome.
Spare parts. For Mamas and Papas entire range of products there is no aftermarket in Australia. Qantas damaged my front wheel. To replace it I would need to go to the UK and drop it off for repair!?!? Even to buy a foot muff or liner has proven hard.
I only just in the last week, after looking and looking since I bought the pram in 2013, to buy a transit bag for the pram. We travel a lot and I take my pram with us. After many emails and calls over the last year. With the release of the urbo2 the transit bag came out. It’s just arrived in Australia, just. But it’s brilliant. Such a big bag and so much protection.

Would I recommend this pram to fellow mums. Yes. Would I advise that it’s brilliant but not perfect. Yes.

Love that it’s easy to use and push around the shops, small to make my way through tight spots and the overall look. I’ve done workouts with this pram too, it’s stomped the footpath with me many times, so if your a casual walker of the streets this is up for the job too.

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Love this pram!!

Purchased this pram in 2012 and still use it daily. Have loved using from newborn with carrycot and now as a stroller. Love that using as a stroller I can lie it flat if child is sleeping. It’s small and fits easy into even small cars and is a dream in tight shops. Light weight and so easy to fold and unfold. When using seat you don’t have to remove seat to fold or unfold so you can set up in one motion.

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What an unreliable and waste of money product

I pruchased this pram from Baby Bunting in October 2013 and have sent it back for service 3 times! The first two was an issue with the side locks to collapse the pram down and it was always stuck. The 2nd time, the company(Mamas and Papas) attached a new metal frame, apparently the Urbo 1 model frame. I found it really unsafe for my toddler as I was travelling in the bus, with supposedly the brakes on, the whole pram skid/slided to the front when the bus stopped! I have never experienced this with any prams especially not even a cheap loan stro…Read more

ller from Baby Bunting. The brakes were still on and I shad to stop the pram with my foot and leg. The company insisted on checking the pram for those faults and said they might offer a new frame or refund. I have no confidence in this brand at all as there were too many issues with it. I also find that the brake levers at the wheels are so stiff and very hard to apply. Never again!
The look

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Good, super lightweight, super compact & minimalist

I really loved this pram and used it for both my bubs. It’s super lightweight so very easy to load in and out of a car, folds down compact so doesn’t take up the whole boot space of the car and I loved that it was reversible so bubs could face me. It’s very much a shopping centre pram which suited my needs and is so easy to push. Handlebar was adjustable so was used by both hubby (6’1) and me with no issues. Loved the bassinet as well.
Super light weight, a dream to push around
Would have liked a slightly bigger basket

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Absolutely brilliant!!!

I love this pram! Being only 9kgs it doesn’t hurt my already stuffed back to lift in and out of the car. It folds incredibly easily and very flat, so fits in my sedan with heaps of room to spare. It’s easy to dismantle for cleaning, the recline is brilliant for when bubs needs to nap during outings, the magnetic close on the window is quiet meaning i don’t wake bubs to check on her. the basket underneath holds quite a lot and the handle adjustability means my tall hubby and short me have no problems using the same pram. After using another pram…Read more

for 2 mins that my mum bought, which was completely disgusting, this one is awesome! No real paths around my house means we are walking on dirt footpaths constantly and the Urbo is definitely up to the task. It’s easy to push, lightweight and easy to use. Very highly recommended!

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Total Disappointment

First of all, I actually fell in love with the simple and smart design of this stroller and liked how simple it was to use. I have to add that I made a lot of research and finally decided to choose the Urbo stroller believing it was the right one. But I was totally disapointed when after a use of only 3 weeks the strollers left front tire started to immobilize itself constantly. It even got worse and I had to push really hard to release the tire, hurting my tumb. Simultaneously the foldig mechanism started to malfunction which can be really di…Read more

strubing while boarding on a car, bus etc. Moreover this is a much clattering stroller making so much noise and the suspension is inefficent shaking and vibrating the baby constantly. In short I am not satisfied at all with this purchase and think that I actually threw away all the money because I am considering to buy a new one now. Lastly, the urbo stroller ended up to be nothing but a disappointment for me.
Design, weight, simplicity
Folding mechanism, tire mechanism, suspension, clattering, noisy

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It is fine for what it is

I bought the Urbo 2 years ago as it was light weight, compact, easy to fold, could fully recline and bubs could face me. It wasn’t the most expensive pram on the market nor the cheapest but it was good value considering my requirements. In all of these areas it performed as expected and was priced accordingly. I was ok with the lack of accessories and small basket, but there were some unexpected disappointments such as the handle bar gradually slipping down and its inability to cope with minor flaws in footpaths (K-Thunk!), but as long as I rem…Read more

embered to pull up the handle before commencing each outing, and kept a watch out for footpath imperfections, it was fine. There is no such thing as the perfect pram, I have heard all mothers complain about their prams no matter the brand, just pick the one that suit you best.
light weight, easy to fold, could fully recline and bubs could face me
handle bar gradually slipping down and its inability to cope with minor flaws in footpaths

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It is unsafe pram.

I had used this stroller for 20 months. It was heavy to lift and hard to push in the park as their wheels are small. and today I just had an accident. The pram tipped over. Luckily my baby wasn’t hurt but it could had been hurt if I didn’t put safety belt on him. The front wheel now is bent. I didn’t know how did it happen as the part is metal so it should be strong. Now I have to buy a new one. I would prefer to use it longer for the money I paid for.

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Crappy, rattling stroller

Strollers are supposed to make our lives easier, but this one does the opposite. This stroller only rides well on smooth surfaces (i.e. inside a shopping centre). Elsewhere it is absolutely impossible to get close to a smooth ride. Not only is it uncomfortable for my bub, but also for me. I find my hands go numb from it rattling so much. The steering isn’t terrible, but I still have to stop for every bumb on the footpath!

Waste of money for such a well known brand!
The rattling and finicky mechanisms

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Fantastic pea fits in Suzuki swift

I can’t fault this pram. I have had no problems that others have complained about. The pram looks nice and folds up so flat that it fits in the boot of my Suzuki swift which is quite an achievement. It ticks all the boxes for me. Bub can face me or the world. The handle adjusts so it can be used by the whole family. It lies flat so it can be used from newborn so you don’t need to purchase the bassinet. I love this pram. It is the first pram I’ve owned that I don’t hate. For me there is nothing that could be done to improve it because its perfect.
Bany faces both ways, suitable from newborn, adjustable handle, folds compact and is easy to use

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Questions & Answers

What’s the age limit plz?

Hi I was looking to purchase the urbo, I’ve read reviews about it being easy to push but I wanted to know how well it does going up and down curbs? Thanks

3 answers

Hi Rochelle, it’s more of a city pram I think not an off-road pram of you’re thinking curbs. It’s really smooth for eg in a shopping center, but not meant for parks, curbs etc as it hasn’t got much suspension. It looks good but definitely not for kerbs. Hope this helps.

Does the urbo give you electric shocks on certain surfaces

It is very easy to push however I find that because the wheels are small getting up anything that isn’t a smooth surface can be tricky. Things like a small lip going into a shop that another pram would easily get up I had three goes at and I really had to shove the pram. Hope this helps

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