I’m all for a bargain, a bit of discount and good deal but sometimes it’s worth paying tha

…t little bit more!
A few months ago I purchased an Angel Care baby montitor and sensor pad from Mamas and Papas Factory Outlet (Huddersfield) reduced from £209 to £112 it sounded like a bargain!
I have been cosleeping with my little boy for his first few months and haven’t felt the need to use my baby monitor, approaching 6 months old it was time to move him into his own room. I set the monitor up and tested everything- it seemed perfect.
A couple of hours into the evening (thinking he was fast asleep upstairs, me downstairs) I thought I could hear him crying…I quickly checked the monitor to see and there was no picture nor sound. The follow night the same thing happened again…monitor on but the sound sometimes worked, sometimes it didn’t.
I returned the monitor and explained what had happened and that it seemed to be faulty, I then also asked if the product was ex display as there was no instructions in the box, I was then told it was “grade 2 refurbished”
Had I of known this I would NOT of purchased the monitor, a baby monitor is one of the most important pieces of equipment for your peace of mind and the safety of your baby. Luckily I was awake and heard my him crying, had I been fast asleep, well I dread to think.
Products like this should be purchased at the point of sale with the knowledge that they are either “ex display, refurbished or damaged!”
Please beware when purchasing and don’t forget to ask the question as to why it has been discounted! See More