Unhelpful customer care, terrible/archaic warehouse, bad experience. My wife ordered about 16 items

…on sale from the website. She got a call back the next day and was informed that since 3 of the items are out of stock, she needs to cancel her whole order. Furthermore, they cannot gaurantee if she will be able to secure the remaining 13 items when reordering. We have an infant in the house and she took more than an hour to select these items, and this turned out to be sheer disappointment.

I don’t understand how:

1. Such a big company has such a terrible website where the stock is not linked to the warehouse – there is no explanation required, this is a joke and the company should be ashamed of functioning like this in 2018
2. Why are we required to cancel our entire order? Again, this is the 21st century and there are so many ways around it such as partial refund, replacement order for the remaining 3 items or store vouchers, etc.
3. It is the companies problem how to manage internal ordering. We don’t want to hear your problems, we want solutions!!!

If this does not get sorted, this was the last time we are globally ordering stuff from mamas and papas.

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