Mamas & PapsView measurements in Kg & lb’s

Height (cm)
Weight lb
5 lb
7 lb
10 lb
14 lb
18 lb
21 lb
22 lb
24 lb
27.5 lb
Weight kg
2.3 kg
3.15 kg
4.5 kg
6.5 kg
8 kg
9.5 kg
10 kg
11 kg
12.5 kg


All our children’s clothes allow generous room for growth and most are dual sized by age. Use the guide above and the measurements provided to ensure you order the correct size.

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Download the Footwear Fit Guide

Please check the size chart has printed out to the correct size by measuring the scale at the bottom of the chart, this must measure 10cm otherwise the indicated size may not be accurate.

Please fold the paper along the dotted line and place the chart on a hard surface against an immovable vertical surface such as a skirting board to help gain an accurate measure.

Place the left foot on the chart and record the length of the foot (e.g. 2¼) repeat for the right foot (e.g. 2½).

Based on these results a size 3 would be selected. As most people’s feet are not the same size the size of shoe is determined by the largest foot.

Children will also need some growing room so if the fitting indicates either foot is longer than the full size it may be beneficial to order the next size up.

The “Footwear Fit Guide” will open a PDF document in a new window. If you do not currently have Adobe Reader installed, please download it by clicking the ‘Get Adobe Reader’ button below.

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