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I placed an order 1 week ago and after lots of calls the order still hasn’t been dispatched! I was told they need an authorisation code from the bank for security. After many calls this couldn’t be provided by the bank as there was no code. M&p have advised they sent a letter with code on this still not received a week later. Money has been taken (whether on hold or not) the money has been taken from my account, yet no order has been dispatched.
I wouldn’t mind but this is going to store so will need collection with ID.
Customer service team very poor, and just keep fobbing me off saying it’s down to finance department.
I have emailed to complaints twice now no reply within the week.
terrible service will think twice before purchasing again!

I’ve been trying to get in touch with customer services re a faulty hood that’s apparently been replaced, however still collapses at the sign of running over a pebble, but the numbers they’ve provided are never answered! The only department I can get hold of is sales (hardly surprising, happy to take my money and answer on the first ring but not interested in aftercare) who tell me the lines are all open however I have to listen to the whole music loop with no service in sight. I’ve messaged and still not heard anything back. For the prices you pay i expect more from a company, come on mamas and papas; in waiting for you to help me……

We purchased a cot way back in July we were told the earliest they could deliver was September the 3rd which was fine. September arrived we recived an email to tell us the date had been pushed back to the 20th of September between 8am and 12pm so I waited this morning to no sign of the delivery. My wife rang the delivery company to be told they had spoken to me and I had said it was okay to deliver it at 5pm which was a total lie I hadn’t even given my number as a contact and… not spoken to anyone. 5pm still no sign of the delivery so my wife rang again to be told they were lost she asked where abouts in Grantham our home town they were to give directions, to be told they were actually 30miles away in Nottingham and actually doing a drop off then coming to us another lie told. So they finally arrived at 19:20 we took the cot upstairs to put together to find we were missing a whole box containing the sides and slats. We paid a lot of money for this product and the service has been atrocious and we still have no cot. Our baby is due any day now and we ordered the cot with plenty of time, we are bitterly disappointed we can’t finish our nursery. I look forward to reading your response

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Rubbish service, rubbish experience. Nothing but problem after problem throughout.

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever received in my life! I am 8 months pregnant and the stress I have had to endure you would not believe. The staff are curt, rude and very unhelpful. You cannot speak to a manager and although they promise to call you back, they never do! Don’t think about getting a gift registry with them! They will charge people £9.99 delivery per item and then go on to tell you you can’t have your gift lists items delivered on the booked day and that the items will be delivered in drips and drabs and not one bulk delivery. The idea of a gift registry is to make things as easy as possible, however, this is far from the case. Awful service!!!!!