We purchased a cot way back in July we were told the earliest they could deliver was September the 3

…rd which was fine. September arrived we recived an email to tell us the date had been pushed back to the 20th of September between 8am and 12pm so I waited this morning to no sign of the delivery. My wife rang the delivery company to be told they had spoken to me and I had said it was okay to deliver it at 5pm which was a total lie I hadn’t even given my number as a contact and not spoken to anyone. 5pm still no sign of the delivery so my wife rang again to be told they were lost she asked where abouts in Grantham our home town they were to give directions, to be told they were actually 30miles away in Nottingham and actually doing a drop off then coming to us another lie told. So they finally arrived at 19:20 we took the cot upstairs to put together to find we were missing a whole box containing the sides and slats. We paid a lot of money for this product and the service has been atrocious and we still have no cot. Our baby is due any day now and we ordered the cot with plenty of time, we are bitterly disappointed we can’t finish our nursery. I look forward to reading your response See more