great swing

I have the “fun at the farm” version, which is more gender neutral, boyish, but has the same features. I took the bar at the front, so it’s easier to put bub in and out of. when he was very small, we didn’t attach him, and he slept so well in it. it has several speed setting, and he loved the fast one. the 2 soothing musics are actually quite good for baby music, and don’t get on your nerves. never used the MP3 player function. seat reclines to several positions, so I can pop him in it and cook/ do something else and he watches me. compact fold so you can take it with you/ store easily between bubs.
look, several seat positions, compact
battery case, bar where the animals hang is in the way – wish you could lift it easily to place bub in.

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The most beautiful swing!

I really love this beautiful baby swing for my daughter.
I think the look itself is fantastic, haven’t seen anything else like it!

It plays a few songs on there but you have to change them yourself (they dont rotate) otherwise you go a bit crazy. You can also plug in your Ipod to play your own music but I thought the speaker quality could be better for the price you pay. (only 1 speaker)

The toy bar at the front can be clipped in when baby wants to play with some toys hanging on there. It comes with 3 matching dangling soft butterflies b…Read more

ut you can hang whatever toys you want on there aswell.
Or you can take it off completely if you want baby to watch you or watch tv etc.

When you want to take baby out you can unclip one side of the toy bar and swing it over to one side so its not in the way, and the seat has a stabelizer clip at the bottom so it makes things easier for you and safer for baby. I really like these features!

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