I was given a highchair as a gift before my child was born. By the time we used the highchair it had already been 6 months. When we opened the highchair, sides of the highchair was falling apart. We visited the store where it was purchased with the gift receipt, which still had 4 months left of the warranty.

The manager of the store would not replace the highchair but offered to send the highchair to head office were it would be repaired and returned back to my home address. In the meantime I was not offered a loan high chair for the inconvience. After waiting for over a week for the highchair, it arrived in the same state that I left it in the store.

I called headoffice and waited on hold for 10 mins until I was seen to. They refused to help with the problem and said that they will send the parts out to repair the highchair. Waiting yet another week for a wrong part to arrive. Called again to be advised that they would have to see the highchair again before they can help. Waited another week for the highchair to be collected.

Upon receipt of the highchair at Mamas and Papas, they called after 4 days to say that the highchair is faulity and that they have to repair the whole seat unit. Again I was not offered a replacement /loan during this period. After another week, I am still waiting on the highchair to be returned back to me.