Did you get out into the sun today??? We did! It was hot – it felt like summer – and so we spent as much time outside as we could, jumping on the trampoline, eating ice lollies and running around.

It is a relief to have a break from cardigans and jumpers…Pea was especially pleased, as her cardy covers up the beautiful butterfly on her Mash Kiss by Mash Junior tee, and it is a stunner.

We were sent some summer outfits to review, and I must admit, I think these are really lovely, high quality garments. The attention to detail on Pea’s tee – the studs, the embellishments with the stitching, and the little ruffle at the bottom all scream “girlie” without being either babyish or too mature for her age. She does love her bling!

She particularly like the studding on the pockets of her jean skirt, which was cut comfortably full enough to let her run around. (She has a few other jean skirts gifted to her that she won’t wear because they are cut too narrow for an active 6-year-old.) she carefully positions any shirt she wears so that the rhinestones aren’t covered up.

Boo wasn’t left out, and he said his plaid shorts were very “smart”. He’s a tall boy for 8, and the size 10 shorts he was given covered those long legs really well, with the adjustable waist neatly nipping in to fit his. I simply can’t consider any trousers, long or short, if they don’t have and adjustable waist, so they are a winner as far as I’m concerned. The bright pattern is a welcome break from all the sports shorts I find in the stores.

The tee shirt is pretty cool, isn’t it? He loved the skull shape, and I loved that the words weren’t negative in tone (or anything that should be censored). The black faux layer at the sleeve and collar smartened it up, too. I wouldn’t have thought of pairing them together, to be honest, but the shirt keeps him from looking overly preppy. The shorts and the shirt are from Mash Junior’s “Mash Boys” line.

(I’m not one to follow who wears what, but it looks like the Mash line is gaining a loyal following with the Hollywood set, with the children of Halle Berry and Geri Haliwell recent spotted wearing Mash Junior…I knew my kids had good taste!)

Mash Junior is an Italian childrenswear line which recently launched in the UK with their SS12 collection. It is currently available here in Australia online at www.yoox.com – although, I will admit, they don’t have the full line.