Online shopping has taken the region – and the rest of the world by storm. It is the perfect way to do your shopping without the hassle of queues, parking and just generally moving. Although, it’s probably not the best idea for anyone with a habit of over-spending, Dubai is a city of expert shoppers, it makes sense that we’d have some of the best online distributors.


With over 5,000,000 products, Desert Cart literally has everything you could ever want – or didn’t realise you needed. It stocks everything from waterproof speakers to Dior handbags. This one is definitely one to explore if you ever feel yourself saying “I wish they had that in Dubai.”

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Probably the region’s most famously infamous online store, is an array of the necessity to the weird and wonderful. Plus, the Deal of the Day is always worth a peep because there are some SERIOUS discounts!

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We’ll admit that Dubai’s stores do tend to be lacking in variety for the average fashionista and it can sometimes feel a bit ‘samey.’ However, Vogacloset stocks the latest trends and has a huge selection of clothes for super affordable prices.

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Three words: next day delivery. Perfect for the emergency outfit, Namshi has all your favourite clothing stores and then some, all with next day delivery. Plus, there’s a fab selection of gift goodies.

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5. has everything your glammy heart desires, whether it’s the latest sportswear, summer dresses or transfer tattoos. There’s a great selection for the boys too.

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Makeup addicts unite, is your one-stop shop for all you need to embrace your inner Kat Von D. As well as offering all your beauty favs including NYX, ColourPop and Kylie Cosmetics, they’ve also got a baby collection of toys and care for your little’un.

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If you’re a review-aholic and feel the need to research before you by, Basharacare is the one for you. The store offers a massive range of hair, makeup and beauty products along with product reviews so you can vicariously try before you buy! Plus, their packaging is seriously cute.

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